My Philosophy as a scientist

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I am God. I am the creator of all things. There's nothing impossible for me. Am I a huge-ego person? No. Maybe there's some lack of the words. Let me explain more in details to let you know what I really mean by saying so.

It is said Human beings differ from other beings because of having the ability of thinking in mind. We may be wrong. How can we say the dolphins don't have any thoughts about their toys? Don't you ever think the cat's are dreaming? Nobody knows about the reality of such things . But at least we could say that we can think, feel and have the world of self-consciousness.

Scientist makes some theory and they spend whole life to keep on observing whether the phenomenon is in harmony with the theory or not. To prove the mistake of the theory is easy. You just give only one unfitted example against the theory, that's all. But if there has been no unfitted phenomenon so far, someone will be able find it in next day. So the reality is just only a general idea. True scientists should have to be more modest. So am I.

We live in each self-conscious world. For me, the recognition of existence is only in my mind. I surely exist here because I am feeling and thinking of myself. Keyboards and track ball are here. My fingers can touch them. Songs from the radio surely exist. I can listen them and feel some passion. I can't say anything about the existence of the ghost and fairly, because I've never seen or felt them before. In the way of thinking called "B_", there is nothing but the self-recognition. Yes, I am just agnostic. The only thing I can say for sure is that you exist in "my" consciousness. There's no other way I could think. If what I said is right, then, it is fair to say that the other person or the existence should also be allowed to have his, her or its own conscious world. And I should be the resident in their world too.

We are God just only in each own spiritual mind's world. In each consciousness, there's nothing impossible. You are the Almighty. So, when you're something difficult, don't you ever say you can't do it. It's just that you don't have the will to do it. Don't you think it better to think this way?

However there is some danger involved in the way of thinking "you're the Almighty" I don't mean to say that you can do anything. The most important opinion is to grant the same position to other people. Since I express such opinion graciously, it is to bear all responsibility for any actions or statements by myself, and to have respect each other. The world that consists of relation between each an individual that is called as society. This will help to make peace for the world.

I don't mean to use the word "God" religiously but as a metaphor. I should better say "super-man" or just "mature". I just want to say about the responsibility and modesty and consideration.

So I am God. And also, you are the one!

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